Announcing – Free Fossils For Teachers Program

Update: This seems to have gone viral on Facebook/Twitter and we hit our 100 requests for free educational fossils for the month within several hours.  Depending on how much time it takes to ship these and if we can source similar material at a decent price we will increase the amount later this month.  If not check back at the start of December and we will have a different type of fossil available and hopefully in larger quantities.

I have always believed that fossils and paleontology are a gateway for many kids to become interested in science.  There is nothing more awe inspiring than to hold a real fossil in your hand and to be able to imagine what it was millions of years ago.  Seeing a photo on the Internet or in a book just doesn’t have the same allure and visceral appeal to a young kid.

To that end, we are please to announce our “fossils for teachers” program to make available free fossil specimens for educational purposes monthly.  Due to constraints, both monetarily and the time/cost it takes to ship them, we are only be able to make available a limited quantity each month on a first come, first serve basis.  We will start with making available 100 specimens this month (November, 2014) and hopefully can grow it from there.

This month we are going to be providing fossil Megalodon teeth, along with informational materials both on fossils, Megalodon and the specific teeth.  Nothing is more awe inspiring to a kid than a real tooth of a prehistoric shark that grew in excess of 50 feet in length. 

 If you are a teacher or other educator and want to receive a free Megalodon tooth for use in the classroom use our Request Form.  

  •  These fossils are for teaching/educational purposes and we only have a limited quantity.  For verification we REQUIRE that these fossils be shipped to a school address or address for an educational program.
  • We only will have limited quantities each month, first come, first serve.
  • Only one request per person.
  • Due to shipping costs, we can only ship these free within the United States.  In the future we may find a way to offer this outside of the country but it's just not logistically possible right now.

Also if you are a collector who has bulk fossils suitable for use in a classroom that you wish to donate to this program for future months please contact us.  We will handle all of the logistics and shipping.

Fossil Request Form


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