FossilEra & Coronavirus Shutdowns

For some time now FossilEra has been taking steps to protect our staff from Coronavirus.  We installed sanitizing/disinfecting stations in the office nearly two months ago, workers have substantial distance between them and for several weeks now all of our staff has been committed to isolating themselves outside of work unless absolutely necessary.  This has allowed us to continue posting material and shipping orders while minimizing risk to employees and the community.

Washington state has now joined over a dozen other states to put in place “shelter in place” or “stay at home” orders.  While we agree this is the correct course of action, it will have a substantial impact on our business. It effectively shuts down much of our company for several weeks.  We should be able to get all current orders in the queue shipped out in the next 24 hours.

We will continue taking orders on our website and we will have a single staff member at our warehouse to facilitate shipping of these new orders.  Depending on the order volume this may mean that we do experience some shipping delays, particularly with large or fragile items that require more packaging time.  

We have a lot of items photographed that are just awaiting the listings to be written.  So we will continue to add a limited amount of new material to the website during this time.  We will still be able to provide customer support both via email and phone.

These shutdowns are particularly devastating to all small businesses who don’t have significant cash reserves and rely on constant cash flow to pay their fixed expenses (payroll, rent, loan payments, etc)  We hope that you will continue to support us and satisfy your fossil fix during these trying times.

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