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White Chocolate Megalodon Shark Tooth

The chocolate Megalodon teeth are temporarily unavailable. They are too difficult to safely ship during summer without melting in transit.


Reconstructed jaws on display at the National Aquarium in Baltimore.
giant Megalodon shark was the most fearsome predator to ever inhabit Earth's oceans. Growing up to 60 feet long and with teeth reaching over 7 inches in length, it's a good thing it went extinct. We have molded these chocolate Megalodon teeth directly off of actual fossil teeth using high quality white and milk chocolate.

They are handmade for us by a local, gourmet chocolate shop. Each tooth is a full 4.8" long and contains over 4 ounces of chocolate. They are each individually packaged with an informational sheet of Megalodon facts. Bite them before they bite you!

Orders of multiple teeth are combined to save on shipping. Please contact us directly if you are interested in bulk purchases.

43 Available
White Chocolate
4 ounces
4.8" long, 3.8" wide