Miniature 3D Printed Raptorex (Tyrannosaur) Skull Replica

This 3D printed skull is a 4.5 inch replica of the only Raptorex specimen ever found and comes with a plexiglass display stand. It was created by scanning authentic fossil material and printed using fossil accurate colors.

The original 13 inch long fossil skull was found with a fairly complete skeleton and was uncovered from either Mongolia of northeastern China. The reason for the confusion of its origins is that the fossils were unfortunately smuggled to the United States and so the exact location where they were discovered is unknown. They have since been repatriated to China.

It has been highly debated whether Raptorex represents a juvenile or an adult and the debate is very similar to that surrounding Nanotyrannus and whether it was in fact a juvenile Tyrannosaurus rex. The only known Raptorex specimen is only 10 feet long and shows the same basic proportions as other juvenile Tyrannosaurs and it most closely matches Tarbosaurus which is the Asiatic equivalent to Tyrannosaurus rex. Fossil fish vertebrae and some mollusks were found associated with the skeleton, but even the identity of those fossils is under question. Not knowing the location or the age of the fossil makes it hard to determine much about how it lived or when it lived. It likely lived during the early Cretaceous Period, but until another specimen, or an adult of the species is discovered it will remain a bit of a paleontological mystery.

3D printing has been a valuable technology for paleontologists. 3D scans can be taken of fossils and with a computer the scans can be manipulated and missing elements can be restored and geological distortions can be fixed and with a 3D printer they can create accurate, lightweight reproductions for study, for mounting, or for making lifelike paleontological reconstructions.
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Raptorex kriegsteini (Juvenile Tarbosaurus)
4.5" long
2.5" Tall, 4" on stand
Full Color Sandstone