KT Boundary Soil Sample In Vial (Dinosaur Extinction Layer)

Sixty-five million years ago, more than 75% of all plant and animal species living on Earth became extinct. This event is known as the K-T mass extinction because it occurred at the boundary between the Cretaceous (K) and Tertiary (T) time periods. (65 million years ago) The most famous group of animals to perish was the dinosaurs.

These vials contain a layered sample from directly below, at, and just above the KT Boundary layer. The samples were collected from the Hell Creek Formation near Bowman, North Dakota. This is the same formation which is famous for containing iconic dinosaurs such as T-Rex and Triceratops.

This KT boundary layer contains high amounts Iridium, which is very rare element on earth, but highly abundant in asteroids. This plus the discovery of a 112 mile wide crater in the 1990's help solidify the asteroid extinction theory. Each vial comes with the pictured information card and the photos are representative of what the vials looks like. This makes great gifts for educational use or for kids.
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