Lustrous 1.9" Rutile Crystal Cluster - Georgia

This specimen contains a cluster of large deep red-black rutile crystal with a metallic-like luster. The rutile crystals looks to have few scuff marks, however, the visible terminations remained fairly well intact. When looking at the faces of the specimen in a well lit environment, the deep red translucence of these crystals, begin to show.

This specimen comes with a display base.

Rutile is an oxide mineral that is composed primarily of TiO2, although iron is a typical chemical variation. It comes in a wide variety of crystal forms, from lustrous metallic-like crystals, thin straw like crystals, to even deep red crystals with slight translucence. Rutile has also been know to form needle-like inclusion with other minerals, commonly forming with quartz. Rarer polymorphs of rutile (TiO2) include anatase and brookite, both of which have unique crystal structures.
Graves Mountain, Lincoln County, Georgia
1.9" long, 1.6" wide. Largest crystal is 1.5" long