6.9" Carey Plume Agate Slab - Carey Ranch, Oregon

This is a gorgeous specimen of Carey Plume agate from the Carey Ranch near Prineville, Oregon. It is polished to a mirror-finish on both sides and features fascinating plumes of red hematite, as well as botryoidal agate formations within pockets.

This specimen comes with an acrylic display stand.

Carey Ranch Plume Agate is an agate formation that was mined from the Carey family ranch near Prineville, Oregon. The first documented find of this agate was a small find that had weathered out from a small volcanic cone. Following some exploring, the outcrop of this agate formation was found and the mining process began. After years of dirt and rock removal from this volcanic cone, only a large pit remains in its place. This location now produces very little, if any of these beautiful plume agate specimens. Consequently, Carey Ranch Plume Agate is now considered "extinct" and the only specimens found on the market are from old collections.
Quartz var. Agate
Carey Ranch, Prineville, OR
6.9 x 3.8", .2" thick