3.2" Bright Orange Crocoite Crystal Cluster with Cerussite - Tasmania

This is a stunning cluster of bright orange crocoite crystals that formed in association with small colorless to yellow cerussite crystals, collected from the famous Adelaide Mine in Tasmania. The crocoite crystals are extremely delicate and vibrant in color. The cerussite crystals fluoresce a faint yellow under long wave UV.

Crocoite is a rare mineral, brilliant, red/orange mineral consisting of lead chromate. It was first discovered in Russia and has since only been found in a small number of other localities around the world. The crystals often form long, slender, prisms arranged in dense clusters.

The Adelaide Mine in Tasmania is undoubtedly the world’s most famous producer of crocoite specimens. In the decades the mine has been worked only a small number of pockets of top quality Crocoite have been found. One pocket was located in the 1970's another in the 1990's and most of the recent material is coming from a single large pocket found in 2010.

Cerussite is a carbonate mineral with the chemical formula PbCO3, and is an important ore of lead. This lead-carbonate consisting mineral is a common weathering product of galena, explaining why it is typically extracted from oxidized zones of lead ore deposits. It can form into a variety of different structures, sometimes in fibrous patterns, other times in granular aggregations, though generally forming vitreous pseudo-hexagonal crystals. The colors of this mineral vary depending on composition and structure, with colorless, white, grey and green tinted, being the most common colors of crystals found.
Crocoite & Cerussite
Adelaide Mine, Dundas, Tasmania, Australia