2.7" Polished Kambaba Jasper Sphere - Madagascar

This is a beautiful, hand polished sphere made from Kambaba Jasper found in Madagascar. It is 2.7" wide and has dark circular mineral formations throughout the jasper. This specimen comes with a round wooden stand and displays nicely on a hard surface.

Kambaba jasper is mined in the desert regions of Madagascar. It's believed by many that this form of jasper is stromatolitic, meaning it would be a fossilization of billion year old algae. However, this has been disproven by the same experts who also concluded that the mineral conglomeration technically isn't a jasper. It is composed mainly of quartz, pyroxene and round formations of alkali feldspar. But for the sake of identity purposes, it's still commonly referred to as "jasper".
Quartz, Pyroxene & Alkali Feldspar Conglomerate
2.7" Wide