2.35" Polished Azurite, Chrysocolla & Malachite Egg - Peru

This is a beautiful, hand-polished "egg" containing brilliant green malachite, deep blue azurite and small amounts of chrysocolla, collected from Arequipa, Peru. The lapidary work is very nice, and allows for the great, natural, botryoidal patterns in the mineral to be seen. It makes for a very aesthetic display piece. Comes with pictured display stand.

Malachite is a basic copper carbonate with the chemical formula Cu2CO3(OH)2. This mineral is known for its intense green color, along with the wide variety of formations and patterns that it's found in. Malachite can grow in botryoidal masses, stalactitic, and reniform formations, typically as a tight cluster of fanning fibrous needles that make up a seemingly solid mass. As layers continue to stack during formation, a banded pattern can sometimes begin to take shape, which explains the rings in all shades of green that are seen on most polished malachite specimens.

Azurite and Malachite are known to form in union with each other, for their chemical makeup is very similar. In fact, the presence of more or less water in the location of formation, is enough to determine whether an abundance of malachite over azurite, or vise-versa, will accumulate.

These minerals tend to be found near copper deposits, which accounts for the colors the minerals display.
Azurite, Chrysocolla & Malachite
Arequipa, Peru
2.35" tall