16" Natural Smoky Quartz Crystal Cluster - 19" Point!!!

This is a massive, 44.3 lb, natural smoky quartz crystal cluster from Brazil. It features multiple large smoky quartz crystals. The color is natural and the crystals have not been heated or treated with radiation, though some of the termination facets have been polished. Be sure to check out the video in the photoset.

This cluster has a flat base, allowing for aesthetic presentation of the crystals without the need for a display stand.

Smoky quartz is a grey-brown to black variety of quartz. This common name is derived from from the appearance of smoke within the quartz crystal. Dependent on the location and the chemicals present during formation, smoky quartz can appear opaque black, however it’s typically translucent to some extent. It’s believed that the quartz gains this color from a combination of natural irradiation and aluminum impurities.
Quartz var Smoky
Minas Gerais, Brazil
16" long, 9.1" wide, 11.7" tall, 44.3 lbs