11.5" Polished Brecciated Pink Opal - Australia (Special Price)

This is a large, polished section of brecciated pink opal mined in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia. One side is polished to a mirror like finish and the base is cut flat making for a beautiful decorative display. Weighs about 20 lbs.
Breciatted Pink Opal is really a different form of mookaite, a type of opalized radiolarite. It is mined from a single prospect, 1 km south of the Mooka Creek deposits near Carnarvon, Australia. It is found as a dominant horizontal bed within zones of coloured porcellanites located beneath a surface brecciated zone of iron, silica and pink opal fragments. The pink opal often shows Liesegang banding, and microcrystalline quartz filled vugs.

$465 $325
Brecciated Pink Opal
Carnarvon, Gascoyne Region, Western Australia
11.5" tall, 8.6" wide, 4.9" deep, 20 lbs