Wholesale Flat: .5 to 2.2" Wulfenite Clusters - 52 Pieces

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This wholesale flat of Wulfenite crystal clusters from Morocco contains 52 specimens ranging in size from .5 to 2.2" wide.

At the wholesale price, these clusters are $4.81 each and can easily retail for much more. They're perfect for gifts, educational programs, and for resale.

Wulfenite is a lead based, molybdate mineral with a chemical formula Pb(MoO4). It forms as a secondary mineral in the oxidation zones of hydrothermal lead deposits, with coloring ranging anywhere between yellow to bright orange and red, and occasionally brown. Typically forming as tabular, stubby or pyramidal crystals, this unique mineral can be both brilliantly transparent and opaque.

While these crystals are safe to hold, due to their being lead based, washing your hands following handling is strongly suggested.
Touissit, Morocco
.5 - 2.2"