Wholesale Lot - 1.5 to 2.5" Otodus Shark Teeth (Restored) ~190 Pcs

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This is a wholesale lot of approximately 8lbs (about 190 pieces) fossil Otodus Shark teeth from the Phosphate Deposits near Khouribga, Morocco. Most teeth fall into the 1 - 2.5" long size range. There are approximately 190 teeth in this lot.

The teeth in this lot have repair or restoration to the roots.

These are perfect for gifts, educational programs, or for resale.

It comes from the phosphate deposits near Khouribga, Morocco. These deposits are mined for phosphate, one of Moroccos biggest exports. The fossils are collected as a byproduct of the mining operations, saving them from certain destruction by the rock crusher.
Otodus obliquus
Khouribga, Morocco
Phosphate Deposits
Most Teeth 1.5 to 2.5"