6.5" Pennsylvanian Plant Plate (Neuropteris) Plate - Kentucky

This is a beautiful fossil plant plate, from the Breathitt Formation, Leslie County, Kentucky. It contains two seed fern pinnules (branches of leaflets), leaflets and an unidentified seed fruit. In the center of the stone are two pinnules of Neuropteris flexuosa the longest 2.5", to one side is a pinnule of Neuropteris clarksonii, 2.1". On the side opposite N. clarksonii, is a .6" unidentified fruit. These beautifully preserved plants cover this remarkable specimen. It comes from the Late Carboniferous, Pennsylvanian aged forests that formed the coal shales of Kentucky and Ohio.

Neuropteris is a genus of seed fern, extinct species of ferns that reproduced from seed as opposed to sporophyte reproduction of most modern ferns.

Comes with an acrylic display stand.
Neuropteris flexuosa, Neuropteris clarksonii, Unidentifed Fruit
Leslie County, Kentucky
Breathitt Formation
6.5 x 4.2" rock
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