Museum Quality, 35" Wide Eurypterid Mortality Plate - New York

This is a museum quality, 35" wide mortality plate of Eurypterids (Eurypterus remipes) from Langs Quarry in upstate New York. Pieces like this are almost unheard of and I've never seen a plate this spectacular for sale. The entire piece measures 35 x 21", and features seven complete or mostly complete Eurypterids, the largest being 8" in length. The rock has been backed for stability and we can install mounting hardware upon request.

Reconstruction of Eurypterus in life. Creative Commons

Eurypterids, commonly known as Sea Scorpions are an extinct group of arthropods that are related to arachnids and include the largest known arthropods to have ever lived. Prevalent during the Silurian and Devonian, eurypterids were segmented aquatic arthropods, with compound eyes, and two club-like "arms." Some species exhibit toothed claws, and may therefore have been predators.

Eurypterus remipes
Langs Quarry, Herkimer County, New York
Fiddler Green Formation
35 x 21.5", Largest Eurypterid 8"
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