Killer, 2.15" Phytosaur (Machaeroprosopus) Tooth Arizona

This is a killer, 2.15" long tooth from a Triassic Phytosaur (Machaeroprosopus gregorii aka Pseudopalatus). It was collected from the Chinle Formation near St. Johns, Arizona and is part of a small collection of Arizona phytosaur teeth that came from an old collection. Excellent enamel preservation with no tip where and very fine serrations.

Comes with an acrylic bubble case.

Skull of Machaeroprosopus aka Pseudopalatus at the New Mexico Museum of natural History and science.

Phytosaurs looked similar to modern day crocodiles with some minor differences. The main one being that their nostrils were up high on the head instead of at the very front of the snout. They grew up to 16 feet in length and were certainly one of the dominant predators during the Triassic.
Machaeroprosopus gregorii
St. Johns, Arizona
Chinle Formation
2.15" long
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