Cretaceous Soft-Bodied Fossil Polychaete Worm & Fish

The Cretaceous aged, Lebonese lagerstätten is well known for exceptionally well preserved, soft-bodied fossils. This is an undescribed Polychaete Annelid worm from the quarries near Hakel, Lebanon. It's nicely detailed and 2.1" long. There is a fossil fish also preserved right next to it. Both the part and counterpart are included.

The Upper Cretaceous, Lebonese lagerstätten yields some of the most exquisitely preserved fossil fish in the world. Over 80 genre are currently described, with many more still awaiting description. These beautiful fossils have been quarried near Byblos, Lebanon for well over a century and include sharks, rays, shrimp, ray-finned fishes and more. The deposits represent a marine deposit, estimated to have been about around 270 meters below the surface.
Polychaete Annelid Worm
Hakel, Byblos, Lebanon
Sannine Formation
2.1" long
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