9" Plate Of Rare Cretaceous Starfish (Betelgeusia) - Morocco

This is a plate of rare and highly detailed Early Cretaceous starfish fossils from Morocco. These starfish were described as Betelgeusia orientalis back in 2011, and this is the first time I've seen them offered for sale. They are rare to find complete and the ones on this plate are large, up to about 3" wide. There is a repaired crack running though the middle of the slab of limestone.

Full reference: D. B. Blake and R. Reboul. 2011. A new asteroid (Echinodermata) faunule from the Early Cretaceous (Barremian) of Morocco. Journal of Paleontology 85(6):1021-1034
Betelgeusia orientalis (Blake and Reboul 2011)
Taba, Tawrirt Oukanakay Region, Morocco
Plate 9x8.5", Largest starfish 3"
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