8" Very Rare Predatory Fish Eohiodon (Mooneye) - Best I've Seen!


This is the best specimen I've ever seen of the very rare, Eohiodon from the Green River Formation of Wyoming. Only a few specimens of this species are found at the quarries each year out of tens of thousands if not hundreds of thousands of fish fossils collected. At 8" long this one is basically maximum size for the species, and the preservation it top notch. It's nicely centered on a solid 11.2x6.8" slab of rock and has backbone in high relief. The rock has been backed with wood and a french cleat hanger added so it can easily be mounted on the wall of displayed with the included display stand. The only restoration on the piece is some touchups to the end of the tail fin.

Don't pass this one up if you are a collector of Green River fish, you likely will never see another Eohiodon this nice!
Eohiodon falcatus
Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation
8" long on 11.2x6.8" rock
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