8" Guitar Ray (Posative & Negative) - Cyber Monday Deal!

This is a beautifully preserved and quite rare "Guitar Ray" (Rhinobatos) from the Upper Cretaceous deposits near Byblos, Lebanon. This specimen is 8" long and both the positive and negative impressions of the fossil are included. There is a repaired crack running through the rock and the fossil, but the repair work is well done.

The genus Rhinobatos still exists in our seas, in the tropical and hot temperate regions, and includes about 30 present day. There are eight described species of Rhinobatos from the Lebonese deposits with Rhinobatos whitfieldi being one of the smaller ones.

The Upper Cretaceous, Lebonese lagerstätten yields some of the most exquisitely preserved fossil fish in the world. Over 80 genre are currently described, with many more still awaiting description. These beautiful fossils have been quarried near Byblos, Lebanon for well over a century and include sharks, rays, shrimp, ray-finned fishes and more.
Rhinobatos sp.
Hjoula, Byblos, Lebanon
8" long on 9x6.3" limestone
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