6.9" Polished Fossil Chain Coral (Halysites) - Russia

This is a polished fossil chain coral colony collected from the Susuman district in Russia. The genus appears to be Halysites and it would be Ordovician in age, ~443-485 million years old. The polishing allows for the beautiful, inner structure of the coral colony to be seen. This colony cluster just happens to have been cut in a way that displays the length-wise structure of these colonies, as opposed to the typical cross sectional "chain" view.

Comes with an acrylic display stand.

Halysites is a genus of chain coral. They grew as jelly-like polyps that surrounded themselves in straw-like tubules. As they grew and multiplied, they would build up the walls to their tubules, as well as add new "links". These coral fossils are found in rock formations dating to the upper Ordovician period, about 450 million years ago.
Halysites sp.
Susuman district, Magadan Region, Russia
Tirekhtyakh Formation
6.9" wide, 4" tall
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