5.6" Cretaceous Crocodile Vertebra - Morocco

This is a large, early Cretaceous aged fossil vertebra that was collected from the Kem Kem Beds of Ksar-es-Souk, Morocco. This vertebra was found in two pieces, requiring crack repair across the superior portions of the pedicles.

There is a unique feature to this vertebra that isn't found very often. Along one side of the vertebra, there is an unusual bulge that protrudes outward from the body. This is indicative of a healed injury to the vertebra.

Quite often, crocodile bones and teeth from this location are labeled as Sarchosucus (The Super Croc) to make them easier to sell. There were several crocodile species living alongside each other in the Kem Kem Basin and unless the fossils are "super sized", in most cases they likely didn't come from Sarchosucus.
Unidentified Crocodile
Ksar-es-Souk, Morocco
Kem Kem Group
5.6" tall, 3" wide, 2.5" thick
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