34" Fossil Palm Frond From Wyoming - Perfect Split!

This is an amazing piece, collected this past summer from one of the fossil fish quarries near Kemmerer, Wyoming. It is a perfect, positive and negative split on large palm (Sabalites) frond. Splits like this practically never happen, and most palm fronds available from these quarries are heavily restored (aka painted palms). Not this one, check out the photos and video of it being found for proof.

Each side of the rock measures 40" tall, 36" wide and is back with wood with wall mounting hardware installed. This piece would make for a very impressive display.

Due to the size it will need to be crated and shipped via freight on a pallet. We will include the cost of shipping to US based destinations. International shipping will be extra and will be billed after purchase. Please contact us if you need a shipping quote.

50 million years ago, in the Eocene these fish thrived in Fossil Lake fed by Uinta and Rocky Mtn. highlands. The anoxic conditions at the bottom of Fossil Lake slowed bacterial decomposition, prevented scavengers from disturbing corpses, and most interestingly, suffocated creatures that ventured into the oxygen-starved aquatic layer. The result is a miraculous exhibition of Eocene biota in a subtropical, aquatic community within sycamore forests teeming with creatures such as freshwater stingrays, dog-sized horses, menacing alligators, early flying bats, and one of the first primates.
Sabalites sp.
Kemmerer, Wyoming
Green River Formation
Rock 40x36" (each side)
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