3.1" Jurassic Decapod Crustacean (Eryon) - Solnhofen Limestone


This is a 3.1" long, detailed specimen of Eryon arctiformis an extinct type of decapod crustacean from the Solnhofen Limestone of Germany. Eryon was thought to have fed on particulate matter on the sea floor, probably having a similar lifestyle to a lobster.

It's nicely preserved specimen which is laid out nicely with it's tail prone and both claws visible. It's nicely centered on a thick 10x7" slab of limestone from the quarries near Eichstatt, Germany.

The Solnhofen limestone is a famous Lagerstätte in Germany that offer amazing preservation of Upper Jurassic fossils. It is where one of the most famous fossils of all time, Archaeopteryx, was found. The fine grained limestone makes excellent building materials which has led to heavy quarrying over the past two centuries, which has resulted in some amazing fossils being unearthed.

This area represented an archipelago at the edge of a sea. Due to high salt content, the lowest levels in the water column could not support much life and were largely devoid of oxygen. This lack of scavengers on the bottom of the sea led to amazing preservation of the fauna found there.
Eryon arctiformis
Eichstatt, Germany
Solnhofen Limestone
3.1" long on 10x7" limestone
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