17" Permian Amphibian (Cheliderpeton) From Germany

The fossil beds of Pfalz in south-western Germany have yielded many spectacular Permian fossils for decades, but the location has been closed to collecting for decades - making such specimens increasingly rare on the market. The Rotliegendes series of mud and siltstones was renowned for its abundant fish and amphibian fossils and this stunning assemblage is a perfect representation of aquatic life that thrived in the area 285 million years ago.

This is a museum quality example of one of the rarer amphibians from the site, Cheliderpeton. It's an astounding 17" long and very detailed with soft-bodied skin preservation and well preserved limbs. It's located on a 22x11", thin slab of shale that has been reenforced with fiberglass/resin on the back. Repair is pretty minor and well done, just in areas where the rock was broken and needed to be put back together. Overall restoration is about 2%. It displays well on a stand, or we can add a wall hanger to the back at no charge.
Pfalz, Germany
17" long on 22.3x11" Rock
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