10.8" Stegosaurus Cervical Armor Plate - Very Rare!

This is an extremely rare, specimen collected this past summer from one of our partner's, private Morrison Formation quarries East of Dinosaur, Colorado. It's a cervical (neck), armored plate of a Stegosaurus, one of the rarer components of the Morrison Formation fauna. It measures 10.8" tall and 6.7" wide and comes with a custom metal display stand.

Like nearly all bones from the Morrison Formation there is repair and some restoration. Most of the top 2 1/2" of the plate have been restored and there is some restoration of erosion around the edges.

image image_id="321" align="center" width="600" height="400">Mounted skeleton of a Stegosaurus in the Carnegie Museum of Natural History.

Stegosaurus is one of the most recognizable dinosaurs in the world due to it's distinctive tail spikes and plates along it's back. There are so far 3 described species from the Upper Morrison Formation and it's been in the news quite a bit lately due to "Sophie" the Stegosaurus at the London Natural History Museum.
Stegosaurus sp.
Sutton Quarry, East of Dinosaur, Colorado
Morrison Formation
10.8" tall, 6.7" wide
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