Amber is fossilized tree resin which frequently contains inclusions such as plant matter, fungi, and insects. This amber comes from mines in Chiapas, Mexico, and was formed during the early Miocene (23-28 million years ago)

Although younger than other ambers, Mexican is distinctly harder than others as well. Mexican Amber comes in a wide array of colors not found in Baltic amber. The colors range through greens, reds, and yellows. In addition to the range of colors, Chiapas Amber has more fluorescence and phosphorescence than other ambers. This means that not only will it fluoresce under UV light it will continue to do so for some time after.

Please note that insect inclusions in amber such as this one are typically very small and you will need magnification to make out much detail. It's very rare to get larger insects trapped in amber, as they are typically powerful enough to struggle free.

While the Baltic amber we have sold in the past comes with stunning macro photography in both physical and digital forms, this is NOT available for this specimen. This is reflected in the substantially lower price points of the pieces of amber which are typically larger and priced mainly based on weight/size rather than the inclusions they contain.


: $19 to $65